infoZênite, a company founded over fifteen years ago, with principals that have 30 years of experience in the area of insurance, started to study and to extend its investigation of the needs of the insurance market as of the year 1998 in order to operate in the segment of Professional Civil Liability Insurance in the health care area, adding services to achieve a good portfolio balance.

infoThere were no national statistics in this segment at the time, apart from numbers originating from an international reality that was entirely different from the Brazilian scenario. Considering the inexpressive production of the market, besides the corporativism of the medical community, in 2001 Zênite, demonstrating a set of actions to the market, managed to persuade an insurance company to approve, with IRB’s consent, conditions that would satisfy the needs of the Insured/Insurer, with national characteristics and peculiarities, with a specific set of clauses and added services, demanding a change of behavior from the segment, for the minimization of risks and potential indemnities.


infoIn the years after 2002, the market was still incipient, but potentially on the path to ascension, as clients developed keener perception. This growth of perception occurred due to (1) the increase of information referring to the topic that reached patients through the media; (2) awareness of patients’ rights through the consumer code, and (3) the increase of claims for compensation, which contributed toward the increase of interest shown by these professionals in preventing and minimizing the risk factors to which they were vulnerable.

infoIn 2003 Zênite, through its database and information, began to provide support to the market, which was effectively without either knowledge or numbers expressing the performance of this segment. The effectiveness of the methodology adopted by Zênite, where Risk Analyses carried out substantially corroborated knowledge of the current reality, was also ratified.

infoNowadays Zênite, the only one in its segment of activity and with the development of its own structure, offers a complete package of services, through a specialized and multiprofessional team (lawyers, doctors, nurses, dentists, insurance officers and other health care professionals), to all the players in this market, Health Care Establishments, Professionals, Insureds, Insurers and Reinsurers.


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