TELEPHONE NUMBER: 55 (11) 3372-2576
FAX: 55 (11) 3372-2595

infoClients can voice their dissatisfaction, and appeal to the “Ombudsman” to find a solution to issues that the person directly in charge is unable to resolve. Clients can also seek the assistance of the "Ombudsman" whenever they need specific reports, or to obtain answers to their questions.

infoThe "Ombudsman" is also responsible for paying visits to the offices of Clients to hear criticism, gather information and suggest measures aiming to improve the relationship. On this occasion the "Ombudsman" will deliver reports and will discuss the results of the period with the client.

infoThe Ombudsman has the commitment of resolving the problem and of fulfilling the request, and of quickly finding a solution, which includes adopting the necessary and pertinent administrative actions, seeking information from the client that enables the ombudsman to improve service delivery and to enhance the level of satisfaction of the client.

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